Durum is a technical raised flooring with high durability and dimensional stability.
Developed based on technological innovation, it has superior quality finishes such as high physical-mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as resistance to environmental conditions (water, moisture, fire, cold and heat).

It changes the way we work and our workspaces.
The continuous evolution cannot stop and requires cutting-edge design solutions. The Durum raised flooring accompanies this evolution in a complete and flexible way, offering you solutions that focus on your well-being.

It provides and ensures a perfect balance of quality, performance and aesthetics. It is an innovative product, manufactured with your needs in mind, and is aimed at improving the functionality and aesthetics of the surroundings.

The raised platform creates a technical space designated as a plenum, which allows for the installation of a multitude of technical infrastructures: power grids, a computer system, an air conditioning system, a telephone system, water pipes and sewers, among others.

It allows for access points for maintenance and repair from any position, offering total flexibility to meet the needs of the project and allowing for the modification and adjustment of the layout of the work, until the last moment.

The technical flooring includes a system consisting of modules identical to each other, supported by a metal structure comprising of pedestals adjustable at high levels and, where appropriate, cross-linking them.


Pavimento técnico


Raised access flooring


Generally, when technical flooring is assembled and already in use, it gives off a noise caused by friction between the panels.

ITCOM® created and developed a polyurethane/EVA additived edge for technical flooring, which prevents this noise. Due to its unique characteristics, the polyurethane/EVA additived edge does not allow the joints of the panels to cause noise, making the environment where the pavement was installed more pleasent.

Union is an edge with high impact resistance and dimensional stability, as well as being waterproof and environmentally friendly.



Raised Access flooring SP
The FIBRON SP raised flooring is a system comprising of outer layers of high density fibers and a core of high density wood particles.
Raised Access flooring Ceramic
The FIBRON CERAMIC raised flooring is a system composed of multi-layers of bidirectional eucalyptus fibers and impregnated with C3 resins, compacted under high pressure.


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