ITCOM® INDUSTRIAL S.A. is a company specialized in production of raised access floor, raised floor for exterior and self-supporting floor, whose main objective is to provide practical and technologically advanced solutions for the most diverse of areas.
With its headquarters, industrial center, and research and development laboratory in Portugal, it has operations in several countries. Since one of its aims is to combine the aesthetic with quality, ITCOM® has signed strategic agreements with Revigrés and A Cimenteira do Louro, two of the most reputable national companies, to complement its work, thus offering greater variety and diversity of technologically advanced products.We produce raised acess floor, self-supporting flooring and raised flooring for exterior.

ITCOM® INDUSTRIAL S.A. is determined to provide solutions on a global scale, transforming our costumers into partners and jointly developing long-term business relationships.

The struggle for improvement is continuous and allows us to develop innovative and technical solutions.

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