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Plancher technique Plancher autoportant Raised Access Flooring


DURUM is a raised access flooring with high durability and dimensional stability. It allows for access points for maintenance and repair from any position, offering total flexibility to meet the needs of the project and allowing for the modification and adjustment of the layout of the work, until the last moment..

DEX is an innovative deck that offers aesthetics, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and durability to the environment where it is placed. The aesthetic effect of wood allows you to create the most varied architectural environments, whose endurance and durability make Dex a product of choice.

INCOCELL is a porcelain self-supporting floor. Its placement is indicated for indoor, public or residential, removable and reusable areas. Its application is quick and easy. Incocell is an innovative, versatile and revolutionary solution.

ITCOM® INDUSTRIAL S.A. is a company specialized in the production of technical floor, raise floor for exterior and self-supporting floor whose main objective is to provide practical and technologically advanced solutions for the most diverse of areas. Since one of its aims is to combine the aesthetic with quality, ITCOM® has signed strategic agreements with A Cimenteira do Louro, one of the most reputable national companies, to complement its work, thus offering greater variety and diversity of technologically advanced products.



SustainabilityAt ITCOM® we are not only concerned about offering the best products in the market. The productive development is linked to better manufacturing processes and, thus, to environmental sustainability in an intelligent way. The raised access flooring, raised access flooring for exterior and self-supporting flooring were developed as green products. The materials used both in its composition and in the manufacturing process are highly ecological and environmentally friendly.


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